About us

Our Story

Pad Jondishapour Company was founded in 2018 with the aim of importing high quality Pharmaceutical drugs to prevent the country’s shortages of medicine and improve society health. Padjsc is licensed to import emergency medicines from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. In 2020 it was decided by Padjsc board to produce nutritional supplements for enhancing community wellbeing. Pad Jondishapour is always striving to improve health of the country by using modern technologies and methods based on the international standards.



Our Mission

Serving health of country by importing urgent medicines and producing high quality medicines and nutritional supplements which are essential for wellbeing of society.



Our Vision

Healthy and happy society where everyone can easily find and purchase pharmaceutical drugs or nutritional supplements which they need for their health.


Floor 5, No.3, Darabnia Alley behrooz St,Madar Sq. Mirdamad,
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